Cary Homes for Sale – A Journey Back to the History of Cary, North Carolina

If you are interested in searching for your dream home from Cary homes for sale and Cary real estate listings, learning basic information like Cary, NC is a town and suburb of Raleigh in North Carolina or it is almost entirely located in Wake County where it is considered as the 2nd largest town in that county is basically not enough if you want to have a great understanding about the next location of your dream home. It is also important that you become familiar with the history of the place to help you appreciate more the place where you intend to live with your family for many years.

Cary Homes for Sale – The Old Cary, North Carolina

When you start with trying to find out more about the place where Cary homes for sale are located, a memory trip back to the Old Cary would take you to the year 1750 when it is just referred to as Bradford's Ordinary. During that period, it was only a settlement. After 100 years, the creation and implementation of the North Carolina Railroad between New Bern, a city in the Craven County and Hillsborough, a town in Orange County reached the area of ​​the settlement, providing access to Bradford's Ordinary to the most important and main transportation means.

In 1854, Allison Francis Page, a Wake County farmer and lumberman and his wife Catherine “Kate” Raboteau Page purchased 300 acre land proximate to the railroad junction. They named this development Cary, in honor of the former Ohio Congressman and prohibisionist he has high regards for. Page became the town developer and railroad agent and started to outline and organize the first streets in this then new development. He also built the first saw mill, general store and post office where he served as the first postmaster. By the year 1868, a hotel has been built to serve railroad passengers coming all the way through Cary.

Page also became the 1st mayor of Cary, after its incorporation on the 6th of April, 1871. Eight years after, the Raleigh-Augusta Airline Railroad arrived coming from the Southwest and forming the Fetner Junction specifically a few distance from the north of Downtown. This marked the broad growth of the town resulting to more developments directed towards its progressive expansion.

Cary Homes for Sale – Designing a Community that is Aesthetically Pleasing

The further growth of the population encouraged the town and its leaders to form and implemented adopted zoning and ordinances to regulate the growth and at the same time provide a better structure for the town. In 1971, a Planned Unit Development zoning was set up to accommodate population growth associated with the growth of Research Triangle Park, which is now the largest research park in the United States.

A Planned Unit Development tolerates a developer to plan an entire community where Cary homes for sale would be made available before launching a development. This would help future residents of homes in Cary to be familiar with the locations of schools, commercial establishments and industrial areas prior to its operation. This is one proof that the town is dedicated to create a community that is pleasant and well-created.

Cary Homes for Sale – The Town of Cary Now

From being a mere settlement in 1750, the town's population has reached 94, 536 based on the Census Bureau records for the year 2000. By the year 2009, population proliferated to 136, 637, which makes it the largest town and the 7th largest in the state of North Carolina. The US Census Bureau named Cary as the 5th fastest growing town in the US from September 2006-2007.

By learning about the history of the place, before you hover through Cary MLS where your dream home is located coming from the list of Cary homes for sale and Cary real estate listings, you will be able to be more at ease knowing that the community where your family would spend many years of your life is one that is instigated to creating a peaceful and beautifully planned community for its dwellers.

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