Get Started in Real Estate

So, you want to get started in real estate investing? First thing I suggest is to get licensed ... if you can afford it. It is an expensive process. You can definitely get started without getting licensed, but it opens up more doors and makes it easier to talk the talk when getting started if…

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How to Make the Most From the Growing Property Market in 2013

After years of suffering and degradation, the property market is finally making progress and showing signs of positive growth. Taking a quick recap, many of you are probably aware about how property market faced terrible discrepancies during the Great Depression of 2007-08. But the after effects of the recession continued to exist in the property…

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How to Become a Wealthy Real Estate Investor

There is no one way to become wealthy in real estate..Instead there are several. Several techniques, strategies and approaches. It's a very diverse field, full of opportunity and excitement. So with all this diversity and strategies and ... and ... how do I build wealth? Begin by educating yourself. Start to read and understand real…

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Should I Pay Off Debt Before Starting Wholesaling Properties?

Should you pay off your existing debt before getting started wholesaling properties? Many people have outstanding debts and is the reason they want the extra income that real estate investing and wholesaling properties can deliver. However, an increasingly popular question is whether they should pay off their debts first before getting in. So what's the…

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